Algo Scientific

Algo Scientific
A fully managed big data and
advanced analytics firm that enables you to transform
your data into intelligent action.

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  1. Analytics that enables actions
    Take action ahead of your competitors by going beyond looking in the rear-view mirror to predicting what's next.
  2. Perceptual Intelligence
    Get closer to your customers. Infer their needs through their interaction with your organization via natural user interfaces.
  3. Fast and flexible
    We build solutions that are tailored to your specific needs so that your company can get going quickly.
  4. Secure and Scalable
    Get value from your data in a secure and scalable way regardless of its size and complexity.


  1. Retail
    Attract customers and keep them coming back Offer personalized service across hundreds of thousands of customers and locations.
  2. Financial Services
    Increase customer satisfaction and scale online Connect more effectively to your data and your customer.
  3. Health Care
    Enable positive patient outcomes Connect with patient data from every care interaction for comprehensive care.
  4. Manufacturing
    Enable predictive and preventive maintenance Connect and proactively monitor your capital assets to eliminate downtime.
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We're a New Breed of
Technology and Research Firm...
One that focuses on data and analytics.
We help clients maximize the value of information so they can implement innovative, data-driven business solutions.   
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